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Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) is the market leading forensic software used for the recovery of Internet-related data from computer hard drives and live memory. IEF recovers over 200 different artifact types including social networking communications, instant messenger chats, web browser history, webmail, cloud files, P2P file sharing apps, and pictures and videos.

Designed for forensic examiners and trained investigators in law enforcement & government, as well as IT security personnel in corporations who are conducting full forensic examinations.

  • Available in Desktop or USB dongle option.
  • Primarily used in a forensic lab environment.
  • Run against common image formats (i.e. E01, dd images).
  • Search live and deleted artifacts on drive and RAM.



  • Powerful Search Capabilities: Search 220+ Internet artifacts and recover more data from more locations.
  • Find Evidence Quickly: Get immediate search results so you can start working with the data right away.
  • Standardized Reporting: Flexible reporting and categorization to narrow down evidence quickly.
  • Trusted By Industry Leaders: Used by leading law enforcement, government, and businesses around the globe.
  • Adheres to Industry Standards: Maintain the integrity of the case and chain of custody.
  • Simple to Use: Get to key evidence with only 3 clicks of the mouse.



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