EnCase eDiscovery

This comprehensive and scalable solution for managing electronic evidence for litigation or investigative matters significantly reduces the risk and cost of e-discovery. From initiating legal hold and preservation to early case assessment (ECA), document review and production, EnCase eDiscovery Complete combines the power of EnCase eDiscovery with the flexibility of CaseCentral cloud review to establish the ideal e-discovery environment for corporate legal departments.

Trusted by more than 60% of the Fortune 100, EnCase eDiscovery Complete provides real time visibility and management oversight of the end-to-end e-discovery process, establishing a more efficient workflow and significantly reducing your legal risk and cost with a unified, scalable, defensible, and repeatable solution.




Legal Hold
•      Create and manage Legal Holds from a single interface
•      Automatically identify and notify custodians regarding legal preservation holds using Active Directory (AD)
•      Ensure preservation obligations are met in full
•      Provide visibility and insight for the preservation and collection of ESI via enhance custodian questionnaires


Anytime Analytics and Early Case Assessment (ECA)
•      Unique ability to do pre- and post-case assessment and first-pass review at any point in the e-discovery process
•      Easy culling and tagging of document groups prior to review
•      Powerful data analytics and a simple interface
•      Documents are accessible directly from the application


Non-disruptive Collection and Preservation
•      Exclusive capability to collect and preserve content with no disruption to business operations
•      Powerful collection and patented, optimized, distributed search functionality deliver the most
        comprehensive results possible

•      View pivotal information in a graphical layout
•      Superior culling and processing


The Right Architecture for the Right E-Discovery Function
•      On-Premises collection and preservation behind the firewall, providing security and oversight of your electronic data
•      Secure hosted review and production safely enables collaboration among a geographically dispersed legal team
       with disparate infrastructure
•      Blended on-premise or hosted processing and analysis offers flexibility to suit your needs and your way of operating

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