Voom Drive Wiper 3

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Whether you're getting rid of older, slower HDD 's that contain sensitive information or reusing hard drives in forensic investigations, VoomTech ensures that your HDD 's are completely sanitized. Voom's DriveWiper is not only extremely fast, it's easily mastered. With a simple 3-button interface and 2-line LCD displaying straightforward instructions and status information, some users never even open the manual.


Proven Technology

  • Forensically wipes or sanitizes HDD ’s to government specifications:
    • Choose from among 2 DoD algorithms and 2 U.S. Navy algorithms
  • Automatically handles HPA’s and DCO ’s
  • Speed up to 7.1 GB per drive
  • 2 SATA ports plus 1 SATA/IDE port
  • Laptops easily accommodated with optional adapters.

Accesories Included

  • 2 SATA DC hard-drive power cables
  • 3 0.5m SATA I/O cables
  • 1 18" IDE ribbon cable
  • 1 serial interface cable
  • 1 auto-ranging AC power supply
  • User Guide

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