Paraben Device Seizure 7.6


Paraben Device Seizure 7.6

DS is designed to allow investigators to acquire the data contained on mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, GPS, and PDA devices in the most forensically sound manner possible. Since 2001 Paraben’s mobile tools have been acquiring and analyzing data from devices. DS employs different techniques with each type of device. In most cases, images are created both logically and physically. This gives the examiner the maximum access to data that includes information such as phone numbers, dates, times, pictures, and call history for both active and deleted data. There are many unique analysis functions as well that come with the powerful DS acquisition engines to include bookmarking, advanced searching, importing of backup data, and case data comparisons. DS supports over 26,000+ device profiles and the list growing with each release. DS is a must-have tool for any lab.


DS has some additional functionality that makes it the ideal analysis engine. For data associated with GPS coordinates or Call Detail Records (CDR) that might be included with the case, you can import this information into Google Earth directly through DS. In addition to importing data, DS contains the only case comparison functionality to allow for continued review of case data against the original acquisition. This functionality is crucial to compare a device after both sides have done examinations to insure changes have not occurred. DS was designed with forensic examiner’s needs in mind.

This document allows you to get more information about DS 7.6 features and changes.


* Includes: DS, Link2, JTAG software and 1 year SMS on software.DVD Training set is also included either on disc or via electronic

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