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Spector CNE is Spectorsoft's most popular software for conducting investigations of detailed employee computer and Internet activity. Automatically documents and archives everything your employees do on the computer and the Internet including: what web sites they are visiting, who they are instant messaging with, who they are emailing, what they are typing, when they are working and when they are playing.

Spector CNE features automated deployment, remote management tools and will record a wide range of PC activity including Email, Chat/IM, Web Surfing, Keystrokes and Programs used. Spector CNE also includes our award-winning VCR-like screen snapshot recording.


Spector CNE will help your company:

  • Conduct Investigations on Employees Suspected of Inappropriate Activity
  • Eliminate Leaking of Confidential Information
  • Recover Lost Crucial Communications (Email, Chat & Instant Messages)
  • Meet or Exceed Federal, Industry or Agency Compliance Requirements for Keeping Records of Company Communications and Transactions.
  • Obtain Proof to Support Accusations of Wrongdoing
  • Reduce Security Breaches
  • Detect the Use of Company Resources to Engage in Illegal or Unethical Activities
  • Limit Legal Liability (including Sexual and Racial Harassment)
  • Enforce PC and Internet Acceptable Use Policies

Spector CNE is designed for business, education and government users running a Windows based network.

More Information

Visit the Spector CNE Website.

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