SubRosaSoft MacForensicsLab Write Controller

MacForensicsLab Write Controller lets the user enable and disable automatic mounting (also known as Disk Arbitration) with the single click of a button. It also gives the user the ability to mount and unmount volumes connected to their machine.

Write Controller offers Mac forensic examiners increased security, flexibility, and speed in imaging, previewing and analyzing evidence on their Mac workstation. Not having to carry around a hardware write blocker can lighten the load an investigator has to carry and increase the speed of the investigation since there is no additional hardware to connect.

Forensic investigators can conduct a quick preview before further analysis, to help in expediting the investigation process. This may help an investigator zero in on specific devices that may be of the most interest during the investigation. Doing so can help narrow the investigation down their search and analysis from dozens of devices to one or only a couple and can save a great deal of time for investigators. This ability to preview the evidence before full analysis can be the difference between life and death in a very time sensitive matter.


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