WiebeTech USB WriteBlocker

USB WriteBlocker works with devices that register as "USB Mass Storage" devices, very common for thumb drives and storage enclosures.

USB WriteBlocker is also compatible with other devices that register in the same way, such as some Cellular Phones and Digital Cameras.

  • Removeable Lanyard - You can keep USB WriteBlocker handy by wearing it everywhere you go. Or, remove the lanyard and slip the "gum package sized" device into a pocket or briefcase.
  • Remount Button - Connect another device to USB WriteBlocker and press the button - no need to unplug USB WriteBlocker from the computer to switch USB devices under capture
  • Rubber Shield - this shield keeps USB WriteBlocker safe and clean, and folds back when you want to use it.
  • Status LED - Simultaneously reports power to the device and confirms that the write-blocking technology is active.
  • USB Extension Cable Included - lets you use USB WriteBlocker where it's convenient.


Forensic in-line USB WriteBlocker

  • Smallest Forensic USB Write-Blocking Device on the Market
  • Carry this small write-blocker anywhere to capture and image 20%-25% faster than the competing product
  • Easy, write-blocked access to USB drives at 8-10 MB/s
  • Works with USB Mass Storage Devices
  • Compatible with single storage devices with Multiple Mountable Volumes (multiple LUNs)

What is supported

USB 1.1/2.0 devices that would normally register with the computer as a "USB Mass Storage Device" are supported. This is the vast majority of USB devices, since it is used by hard drive enclosures and thumb (flash) drives.

There are some cell phones which use "USB Mass Storage" as well, and will be compatible, as well as some digital cameras.

What is not supported

If the device requires special drivers, USB WriteBlocker probably cannot see it. However, if such devices are plugged in through USB WriteBlocker, no writes will occur, even if it cannot access the media. In these cases, the volume will simply be inaccessable.

Keeping it Simple

USB WriteBlocker has two ports and one LED and is very easy to use. Simply attach the Device Under Capture to one end and attach the computer to the other. The LED confirms power to the device and simultaneously confirms that the write-blocking technology is active.


Usage Diagram

Software Utility

Usually the Operating System has access to information about a volume attached through USB. Because USB WriteBlocker is acting as a filter, the Operating System only sees USB WriteBlocker. Forensic Software Utility will display information about devices connected to USB WriteBlocker, and allow you to save them in any format you wish.


WiebeTech is extending support to the development of forensic software by freely distributing a software development API and software development kit so that programmers can query USB WriteBlocker for information about connected devices.





Protects drive's contents by preventing disk writes. Uses WiebeTech in-line write-block technology

Compact Design

Not much bigger than a pack of gum, this is the smallest USB WriteBlocker on the market

Fast Performance

USB WriteBlocker operates 20%-25% faster than the competing product.

No External Power Supply

USB WriteBlocker circuitry is powered by USB bus power, and not an external power supply

Simple to Use

Attach a drive to USB WriteBlocker and attach USB WriteBlocker to the computer - no configuration necessary