Digital Intelligence's FRED DC

FREDC is a Forensic Recovery of Evidence Data Center. FREDC provides fully integrated processing power and flexibility far beyond any forensic solution available. The highly customizable modular solution is capable of housing up to 8 completely independent forensic processing systems. Up to 192TB of high speed RAID arrays in a single rack (or more with additional racks).

The system houses a completely integrated Gigabit Ethernet Forensic Network in less than a 2 by 3 foot footprint. It is fully extensible to provide forensic network services and storage to pre-existing forensic workstations in your network.

An integrated, retractable, 17 inch LCD/Keyboard module. Custom systems include a selection of the following: 64.0 terabyte RAID-5 Array w/Hotspare, Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device - Rackmount Module (FREDRM) and number of users for your network.

The design of FREDC allows for customization to meet almost any forensic requirement. In a simple implementation, FREDC includes a single Forensic File Server with a high capacity RAID array to act as centralized storage for forensic images.

All of the processing modules and File Server in the FREDC system are connected via a high speed Gigabit Ethernet backbone. This Gigabit Ethernet backbone is capable of throughput 10 times faster that standard 10/100 Ethernet connections.

Whether you are moving forensic images to or from the file server, or processing image files already stored on the server, this state-of-the-art transport mechanism will get the job done in record time

The Keyboard/Display/KVM module acts as a single point of access and control for the whole system. Selectively monitor you File Server, check on your imaging job, or examine your processing jobs at the touch of a button. Why purchase multiple keyboards and monitors when a single KVM enabled device will allow you to switch between processes as needed. 

Connectivity to the FREDC system is not limited to processors within the cabinet. Ethernet switches and patch panels allow convenient integration of existing network enabled forensic workstations and equipment.

The high speed, high capacity of the FREDC RAID array(s) can be shared among all the workstations on your FREDC forensic network.




Faster Than a Local Hard Drive

Image a hard drive directly to a Forensic File Server 25% faster than you can image to a local hard drive... DIRECTLY to the server over standard Copper Gigabit Ethernet. There's no need to image to your workstation and then copy it up to a slow server.


Significantly Faster Than a Windows Server

A Forensically Optimized Network Operating System 300% faster than Windows Server running on the same hardware! Here's the Proof (These EnCase imaging benchmarks were from May 2006 - our current hardware performance is even better.)


6.6 GB/Minute Imaging Speeds From Four Workstations Simultaneously

Real-world forensic benchmark utilizing Tableau Imager (TIM) to image drives connected to the UltraBay on our FRED Workstations.


Keep Your Existing Clients

Use the same Operating Systems on your desktop as always (i.e. Windows 7). Our Forensic Network Operating System integrates seamlessly with your existing clients.


Centralized File Storage

Consolidate your storage investment. No need to buy lots of standalone hard drives to pass around your lab. No wondering where that case data is. Stop wasting money on individual hard drives or portable RAID arrays.


Centralized Access Control/Security

Decide who has access to what evidence from a single vantage point. Determine which investigators have access to which cases and optionally log all access to your evidence.


Centralized File Sharing

Allow multiple investigators to work on a single case using a single set of Data Files.


Centralized Data Backup

Backup and Restore data from a single vantage point into a single offline repository using a 16 tape LTO-5 Ultrium robotic tape library. Maintain your data in two separate locations at all times (online and offline).


0 to 60 in Two Days

FREDC equipment is typically installed in 2 days. Equipment assembly and configuration on Day 1, and your orientation/training on Day 2. Take your lab from an outdated workstation centric environment to a fully optimized forensic network in 2 days. (Your MIS / IT guys have been relying on networks since the late 80's - now its your turn to blow them away.)


Completely Configured

It's a complete network in a rack including all TCP/IP services (DNS / DHCP). Just connect your workstations with Cat 5e or Cat6 Gigabit Ethernet, load the network client, and you're ready to go!

We establish a proven storage architecture that makes your access control simple and your backup activities manageable. We even set up your backup jobs and establish your automatic drive mappings for you. Instead of imaging to a local hard drive (i.e. "D:") you simply use your network drive letters instead (i.e. "R:").


Easy to Maintain

We provide approximately a full day of orientation/training for the person(s) who will be managing the server. Since our server runs like an appliance (no blue screens, no daily patches), the routine tasks are minimal. Adding/Removing Investigator accounts, performing Backups, and modifying access control (if required) are essentially all that needs to be done.


Easy to Use

The only thing your investigators (users) will notice is a different login screen on their workstations and a bunch of new (network) drive letters. Everything else stays the same!


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