Digital Intelligence's VPER-Kit

The VPER - Versatile Preservation & Examination Responder Kit- kit is a multipurpose, portable unit that contains a complete array of hardware solutions to preview, acquire or process digital evidence.


About the VPER Kit

VPER includes a powerful forensic workstation in our FREDL laptop, a full assortment of forensic write blockers, the speed and flexibility of the TD1 forensic duplicator, and all the cables, adapters, and extras one would need to complete the forensic process anywhere in the world.

Whether in the field or in the office the VPER kit provides an investigator with, in essence, a digital forensic lab in a portable case. Our latest FREDL, based on the new Intel Haswell CPUs/chipsets, can be upgraded to utilize up to 3 internal drives; OS, DATA and an mSATA SSD for your cache/database when using Encase or FTK.

The kit is completely housed in a practically sized, weatherproof, travel case that conforms to all airline baggage standards. Along with custom inserts and lid organizer, the VPER kit meets, or exceeds, any expectation an examiner would have for a kit designed for worldwide deployment.


VPER Kit Contents

  • UltraBlock Bridges
    • UltraBlock eSATA - IDE/SATA
    • UltraBlock SAS
    • UltraBlock USB
    • Ultrablock Firewire
    • All Standard Cables and Adapters
  • TD2 Forensic Duplicator
    • Forensic Duplicator Unit
    • USB to SATA Protocol Module
    • All Standard Cables and Adapters
  • External Devices and Enclosures
    • USB 3 Read Only/Read Write switchable External Hard Drive Chassis with Power Supply
    • Digital Intelligence Integrated Forensic Media Card Reader - Read-Only and Read/Write Switchable
  • Extras
    • Hard Drive Adapter 2.5 Inch
    • Hard Drive Adapter 1.8 Inch
    • TDA5-ZIF ZIF HD Adapter w/case
    • TDA3-1 Micro SATA HD Adapter
    • FireWire Adapter 9pin to 4pin
    • FireWire Adapter 9pin to 6pin
    • Micro/Mini SD to SD adaptor kit
    • Universal Screwdriver Set
    • SATA Hard Drive
    • Security Screwdriver Set
    • Power Strip - 120v/240v Compatible
    • Universal Power Adapter
  • VPER Case
    • Hard-sided with Padded Laptop Insert
    • Watertight / Airtight
    • High Impact
    • Custom Foam Lined
    • Custom Lid Organizer for Cables and Adapters
  • Software
    • Microsoft Windows 98SE Standalone DOS (Pre-Installed & Configured)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit With Windows XP Mode (Pre-Installed & Configured)
    • Suse Linux Professional (Pre-Configured)
    • Norton GHOST
    • DVD/CD Authoring Software
    • DriveSpy, Image, PDWipe, PDBlock, PART
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