UFED 4PC Logical

Cellebrite's UFED 4PC Logical enables the simplified and rapid logical extraction and analysis of evidentiary data from a wide range of mobile devices: legacy and feature phones, smartphones, tablets, phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets, portable GPS devices and memory cards.

UFED 4PC Logical provides users with the right tools needed to quickly extract forensically sound SIM and phone memory data in the field or lab, on a single platform.

Part of the UFED 4PC Logical offering, is the UFED Device Adapter. It enables:

  • Device Extraction via USB and RJ 45
  • SIM Clone and extraction
  • Extraction via embedded  Bluetooth module

The UFED 4PC Logical license offering comes with a range of software applications, providing you with everything you need for quick and easy investigations:

  • UFED Logical Analyzer – A comprehensive analysis and reporting application for logical extractions
  • UFED Phone Detective – Instant mobile phone identification. Also available as a mobile app for Ios and Android
  • UFED Reader – Free application for report sharing with any authorized personnel

UFED 4PC Logical operates with a USB software license dongle.

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