Cellebrite UFED Touch Logical

(Accesories: Standard Kit)


Cellebrite's UFED Touch Logical is the new generation mobile forensic solution for the simplified and rapid logical extraction of evidentiary data from a wide range of mobile devices: legacy and feature phones, smartphones, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets. Specifically designed for mobile forensics, the UFED Touch Logical provides users with the right tools needed to extract SIM and phone memory data in a forensically sound manner, in the field or lab.



The UFED Touch Logical Includes:





Simplified data extraction – Touch screen and intuitive GUI for a fast, user-friendly data extraction

Packaged for portability – All-inclusive mobile forensic kit - integrated battery-powered unit with small, compact cable tip connectors – can charge mobile devices while performing extraction

Trusted UFED reliability – Frequent updates to ensure compatibility with new phones as they are introduced to the market

Data extraction – Passwords, call logs, SIM deleted call logs, phone details (IMEI / ESN), phonebook entries, SMS, images, video and audio files, etc.

Device support – BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Symbian, Nokia, Microsoft Mobile, Palm and more

SIM ID cloning – Neutralizes the phone from any network activity during analysis and bypasses PIN-Locked SIMs and missing SIM cards


Accesories Included

  • UFED Touch device
  • Protective cover
  • Cable Kit
  • Power Supply
  • Carring Basg
  • Cable Organizer
  • UFED Logical Analyzer SW
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Car Power Adaptor
  • SIM ID Cloning Cards x5
  • Micro SIM Adapter


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