Cellebrite UFED Touch Ultimate standard

(Accesories: Ruggedized Kit)

Cellebrite's new generation mobile forensic solution, UFED Touch Ultimate, enables the most technologically advanced extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting of mobile data. It performs physical, logical, file system and password extraction of all data (even if deleted) from the widest range of devices including legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.

With proprietary hardware, an integrated battery, an intuitive GUI and touch screen, the UFED Touch Ultimate speeds up the investigation process, meeting the demands of the mobile forensic industry.

The UFED Touch Ultimate solution comes with a range of applications, invaluable for investigators to close cases faster:




Streamlined for mobile forensics – Touch screen and intuitive GUI – Purpose designed for efficient work flow and fast processes.

Unrivaled device support – BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Nokia, Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, Palm, phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets and more.

Packaged for portability – All-inclusive field-ready operational kit – New peripherals and accessories with an integrated battery enabling up to five hours of operation away from power sources.

Physical extraction, decoding and analysis of invaluable data – Call history, SMS messages, contacts, calendar, email, chat, media files, geo tags, passwords, location information (WiFi, cell tower and navigation applications) GPS fixes etc.


Accesories Included

  • UFED Touch Device
  • UFED Physical Analyzer SW
  • Protective Cover
  • Ruggedized Case
  • Cable Kit
  • Power Supply
  • Cable Organizer
  • Dongle
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB hard Drive
  • Car Power adaptor
  • SIM ID
  • Cloning Cards x10
  • Flash Memory Card Reader
  • Phone Charger Set
  • Faraday bag
  • Micro SIM Adapter


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