Multi Drive Adapter

The MultiDrive Adapter is designed to be used with various write blockers including the UltraBlock IDE, UltraBlock IDE/SATA, FireFly IDE and the UltraBay. The MultiDrive Adapter supports standard 2.5 inch IDE hard drives, 1.8 inch IDE hard drives with 50 pin connector, Toshiba 1.8 inch ZIF hard drives and Hitachi 1.8 inch ZIF hard drives.



The following is included with the MultiDrive Adapter:

  • MultiDrive Adapter (1)
  • ZIF Drive housing (1)
  • ZIF to Pin adapter card (2)
  • Set of Toshiba mounting brackets (1 set labeled "T")
  • Set of Hitachi mounting brackets (1 set labeled "H")
  • Mounting screws (8)
  • User Guide (1)

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