Insectra Forensics wants to share with you the latest Computer Forensics and Technology news.

Events & Training

Events & Training



  • SANS Summit Prague 2013 comming soon

  • Upcoming Courses Taught by Jess García

  • Ace Laboratory has got a new training seminar based on PC-3000 Express

Product News

Product News



  • Belkasoft Evidence Center 5.4. In-depth discovery of what's new

  • New Free Tool: IEF Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7

  • F-Response September Updates

  • Ditto has been updated

  • New UFED Logical/Physical Analyzer. Update today!

  • Magnet Forensic's new free tool

  • IEF Wins Computer Forensic Software Tool of the Year

  • Belkasoft Evidence Center 5.4: Exciting New Features

  • ElcomSoft Adds Physical Acquisition Support for iPhone 5 and iPad 4

  • Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) v6.1: Understanding the New “Editions” and Licensing Options

  • Tableau Firmware v7.04 released

  • EnCase Version 7.08 will be available in the beginning of August

  • Tableau Firmware Update v7.03

  • F-Response version 5.0.0 released

  • Just released Internet Evidence Finder to EnCase Connector

  • UFED Release Notes

  • The UFED Link Analysis now available in 10 languages

  • New UFED Physical/Logical Analyzer 3.7 - Update today!

  • ACE Laboratory Technical Support Center is Launched

  • Belkasoft Evidence Center 2013 Version 5.3 will feature Evidence Reader

  • Encase Forensic Version 7.07 is Now Available

  • Released BlackLight 2013 R1.1

  • Sonnet announces Dock Thunderbolt™with complete functions

  • WiebeTech releases Ditto

  • Sonnet Introduces xMac mini Server 2H

  • EnCase Forensic Version 7.06.01 is Now Available

  • Released UFED

  • New version of Insectra Forensics Brochure 2013

  • What's New in Encase Forensic Version 7.06

  • Released F-Response 4.0.6

  • F-Response Dongle Amnesty Extended to March 31

  • Did you miss Cellebrite's last webinar? You can download it!

  • Find out everything about Magnet's IEF Frontline

  • EnCase Forensic Version 7.05.03 is Now Available

  • New Updates for your UFED

  • Access Data presents new versions of different products

  • Belkasoft Evidence Center: Faster Than Ever with New Multi-Threaded Core Engine

  • CRU™ Changes Forensic Digital Imaging

  • Law Technology Review publishes a positive evaluation of EnCase Forensic v7.05

  • F-Response's Dongle Amnesty is back

  • Find Insectra on Twitter!

  • Insectra Forensics 2013 Brochure is now available. Download it on this site and discover our new products!

  • Ace Laboratory releases PC-3000 UDMA 5.2.3 and Data Extractor Ver. 4.8.18

  • Belkasoft gets faster, better and deeper analysis

  • Released a new update of X-Ways Forensics: v16.8

  • F-Response presents different news and updates

  • EnCase presents a new LinkedIn group in Spanish

  • Guidance Software Releases EnCase® Forensic v7.05

  • Cellebrite's TRADE-IN: the UFED Classic for the new UFED Touch at a special price

  • New iOS Support Package 4