BlackBag BlackLight

BlackLight is a multi-platform forensic analysis tool that allows examiners to quickly and intuitively analyze digital forensic media. BlackLight is capable of analyzing data from Mac OS X computers, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Windows computers. It is compatible with all leading logical and physical forensic image formats.

Examiners may use BlackLight as a time-saving data triage tool, or as an advanced forensic examination tool depending on the circumstance. To learn more, please view the quick feature videos to the right, or use the drop down menus below which detail the many BlackLight features.




The BlackLight Details view provides a visual device configuration and usage, including:

  • Device type, iOS / OS version, serial number, UDID, and IMEI
  • Artifact summary statistics for documents, emails, movies, calls, voicemail, and more
  • Device user account information and common Internet account information for applications such as Twitter and iCloud
  • Recent usage history, including dialed phone numbers (with associated contact information), last running applications, and most recent web-based location searches.



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