BlackBag Mobilyze

 The Mobilyze application runs on either Mac or Windows and can be effectively deployed in the field or within a forensics lab. Once Mobilyze has been installed, simply plug the smartphone or tablet into a USB port, and Mobilyze will begin collecting all relevant user data. This data is then available for viewing, searching, and filtering within minutes.

Through its incredibly simple and intuitive user experience, Mobilyze allows users of all technical abilities to quickly ascertain whether a device contains relevant forensic evidence, whether immediate action needs to be taken, and/or whether the device needs to be sent to a forensics lab for a comprehensive analysis. Once relevant data is discovered, Mobilyze provides one-click reporting in a clean and easily readable format. If further analysis is required, users will be able to seamlessly import Mobilyze data into the next release of BlackLight for a comprehensive forensic analysis.
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