Fernico FAR Pro Imager

Fernico FAR Pro Imager

(Options: Imager Suite: Archive/Restore/Photo Acquisition)

2 DVD Recorders - 100 Disc Input

The FAR Pro Imager will recover all the data stored on CDs and DVDs irrespective of how the disc has been recorded with full chain of evidence reporting. If the disc cannot be read within a pre-set period it will get rejected for manual inspection. The system has a 100-disc input capacity and an integrated 10-megapixel camera, which takes a photograph of every disc as it is loaded into the reader. The photo is dropped into each disc's own subfolder, along with the recovered data.


  • Pioneer DVR-112 Writer
  • FAR Software Package (with disk verification, labelling, and reporting)
  • Software Security Dongle
  • Color Printer Cartridge
  • Black Printer Cartridge
  • Canon A640 10-megapixel camera
  • Fernico Flexible Arm & Clamp
  • One Year Warranty


Additional options:

  • Software Upgrade Contract
  • Extended Hardware Warranty Additional Year (2 Years Total)
  • Supply Kit (250 DVD+R, 250 Disc Envelopes, 1 Color Printer Cartridge, 1 Black Printer Cartridge)
  • Consumables

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