Sonnet Fusion R800RAID

Sonnet Fusion R800RAID

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HD Optimized Performance


Whether you’re editing a project on your own or running a facility with multiple edit stations, if you’re working in HD, you need fast and reliable storage. Sonnet’s Fusion D800RAID and R800RAID storage systems meet your needs with breakthrough performance and data safety, provided in affordable, direct attached disk arrays for the desktop or rack. Both the award-winning Fusion D800RAID desktop system, and the Fusion R800RAID 2U rackmount system are designed for work environments where performance and fault tolerance are critical. Fusion 800RAID storage systems are fast enough to easily handle uncompressed HD while protecting the data at the same time, yet flexible enough to be configured for any workflow.


A Fusion 800RAID system can achieve up to 690MB/sec

With drives formatted as a RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6, or DVRAID group, Fusion 800RAID systems offer fail-safe protection in the event of a drive failure. You can set up your system to provide visual and audible alerts, including e-mail notification. A drive can be swapped out and the RAID group rebuilt in 2, 3, or 4 hours (4, 6, or 8TB configurations(1), respectively), or you can continue to work at reduced bandwidth while the RAID group rebuilds in the background.


Built-In Flexibility


Do you need pure, unadulterated speed, ultimate redundancy, or something in between? It’s your choice—Fusion 800RAID systems support RAID 0, 1, 4 (DV RAID), 5, 6, 10, and JBOD groups. Fusion 800RAID systems even support hot spares—a designated hot spare drive automatically replaces the failed one without you having to lift a finger. All this flexibility is accomplished without switches—a simple to use configuration utility enables you to optimize your setup for specific workflow requirements.


Brains and Brawn


The heart of a Fusion 800RAID storage system is the Sonnet PCI Express® RAID controller. This powerhouse is based on the latest-generation Intel® IOP348 RAID processor, which can handle the throughput from all the drives with plenty of overhead. The Sonnet RAID controller is configured with 256MB of ECC-protected RAM, especially important to maintain data stream writes as the disk array nears capacity.

Driving Force


Fusion 800RAID storage systems employ Enterprise/RAID Edition hard drives(2). These drives are subjected to hours of additional, stringent testing to check for soft errors, vibration, and other reliability predictors—just the sturdiest drives pass these tests and are prepared with special RAID-optimized firmware. Enterprise/RAID drives offer higher MTBF (mean time between failure) specs, carry longer warranties than “desktop” drives, and are the building blocks of a super-reliable Fusion storage system.

Versatile Performance


These systems are ideal for use in mixed environments—various operating systems, editing applications and output demands requiring the flexibility and interoperability that Fusion 800RAID storage systems provide. Fusion 800RAID systems support Mac OS® X, Windows® XP, Windows Vista, and Linux.


  • Complete storage system includes enclosure, RAID controller card, drive modules, cables, and software
  • 4TB, 6TB, or 8TB configurations; Enterprise/RAID Edition drives(1)
  • Up to 690 MB/sec read, 677 MB/sec write data transfers (configured as RAID 5)
  • Overcomes volume size limit in Windows to fully support volumes larger than 2TB
  • Universal 100–240V, 50/60Hz power supply
  • Drive Activity, Drive Presence, and Power LED indicators
  • Quiet fans
  • RoHS compliant

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