Evidence Bags

Evidence Bags

(Size_Quantity: 5x9" (per 100))

Special patented Securtape® with serrated edge makes the bag a truly "tamper evident" and impervious to externally applied heat or cold, making attempts to compromise the bag immediately visible. The serrated edge of the tape will self destruct or fracture when tampered with.

  • Unique sequential number on the body and adhesive liner prevents "bag switching" and benefits in the development of an audit trail. The bag number should be recorded on all investigation forms.
  • Special side sealing discourages tampering
  • Writeable areas on the bag to ensure identification and reference
  • Clear polyethylene film that is extra tough, to hold up under transportation and handling.
  • Stock sizes available: 5x9, 6x9, 9x12, 12x16 and 18x24.

Quantity: 100/bundle

Selection: Evidence Bags

Product no. Size_Quantity Price
PROD00001500-0001 5x9" (per 100)
PROD00001500-0002 6x9" (per 100)
PROD00001500-0003 9x12" (per 100)
PROD00001500-0004 12x16" (per 100)
PROD00001500-0005 17x23" (per 50)

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