Professional Toolkit + Laptop

Professional Toolkit + Laptop


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The Insectra Forensic Toolkit (IFT) is a Forensic "Jump Bag" designed by Forensic Experts with years of experience in the field that contains everything you may need to perform a best practices Forensic Acquisition and Analysis. Advanced forensic imaging hardware is included to reach the maximum speeds in the most common media, along with additional supplies such as Evidence Preservation, Labeling & Documentation Kits.

The Professional IFT includes an Insectra Forensic Laptop (IFL), a top-of-the-line laptop with the most powerful and flexible hardware configuration available in the market, and an extremely extensive set of Forensic tools, such as EnCase (the most widely accepted tool in Forensic investigations), a Helix Virtual Machine, the Open Source Forensic Collection, PGP, and many more.

Customizations are available on request.

The IFT includes:

  • Insectra Forensic Laptop
  • IDE / SATA / USB / SCSI / Memory Card Hardware Write Blockers
  • IDE / SATA Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator / Wiper
  • Floppy Drive
  • Laptop HD Adapers (2.5, 1.8, 1.8 ZIF)
  • IDE / SATA HD Adapter Kit
  • Documentation Kit
  • International Power Adapter Kit
  • Toolbox Kit
  • Labeling & Documentation Kit
  • Evidence Preservation Kit

The equipment is bundled in a stylish aluminium cabin-sized rolling case for comfortable transportation.

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