1.8" External Hard Drive

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1.8" External Hard Drive

(Capacity: 20 GB (ZIF))

The 1.8 Inch Hard Drive enclosure utilizes a small 1.8 inch laptop/iPod hard disk for storing 20, 40, 60, 80, or even 100GB of data. The enclosure operates at USB 2.0 speeds and requires no additional power supply. Simply attach the hard drive and enclosure to your system via the included USB cable and you are ready to go. Available with or without a hard drive pre-installed.

Selection: 1.8" External Hard Drive

Product no. Capacity Price
PROD00009000-0001 20 GB (ZIF)
PROD00009000-0002 40 GB (ZIF)
PROD00009000-0003 60 GB (ZIF)
PROD00009000-0004 80 GB (ZIF)
PROD00009000-0005 100 GB (ZIF)
PROD00009000-0010 Enclosure Only (PIN)
PROD00009000-0011 Enclosure Only (ZIF)
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